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... probably one of the most important financial transactions of your life. And Remax Oceanview Realty will be with you every step of the way. We understand pricing, marketing and negotiating. We are your source of up-to-date market information and your strongest advocates.

Here is a brief synopsis of our Marketing Plan. This is how real estate is really bought and sold on the Sunshine Coast!

#1 Office on the Coast Since 1996 (MLS© statistics)  

That's a record that's not likely to be beaten any time soon. If it means anything, it means this: We're very, very good at listing and selling real estate on the Sunshine Cpast. 


The secrets to our success? Here's how we do it: 


Professional Representation and Advice

This is what sets us apart. Remax Oceanview Realtors are highly trained, full time professionals. We have the knowledge and the years of experience to help you navigate the extremely complex process of selling your property. It's about intelligent marketing, explanation of agency, pricing, offers, negotiating strategies.... Remax Oceanview Realty understands you cannot afford any errors - there are literally 100's of thousands of dollars on the line. 


Team Remax

Our Agents work more like a team than as individuals. You wouldn't believe the number of sales put together just from simple sharing of information in the office. Take some of the best Agents in the business, put them in one office together and create an atmostphere of cooperation and communication... and you get the highest percentage of in-house sales of any office on the Sunshine Coast! (MLS© statistics)


The Power of Remax

* one of the biggest, most successful names in real estate in the Lower Mainland

* Remax is a powerhouse in real estate organization in Canada and the Sunshine Coast

* Over 18,000 Remax Realtors in Canada

* the most recognized name in real estate in the world today


How Buyers REALLY Find Property

The MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE© and Agent Referrals: Statistics show 75% of buyers found their property through MLS© or a referral from their Agent. (National Assoc. of Realtors) That's why Remax Oceanview Realty concentrates our efforts on MLS© and invests so much in our Agents and our office. Because that's how real estate is REALLY bought and sold! We know it. We embrace it. And that is why we're the top sellers of real estate on the Coast every year.

MLS© provides world-wide exposure of your property. Check out,, or All the properties for sale on the Sunshine Coast, available to anyone, any time, anywhere in the world. Why would anyone start thumbing through the local newspaper looking for a home when every real estate listing on the Coast and in the world is available on their computer, lap top or IPhone?


Also, it is important to remember that Agents use MLS© as a principal source for information on real estate. Agents check MLS© many times each day, looking for information on listings so that they may make recommendations to clients. Therefore, by listing MLS© you reach all the Agents, and when you reach all the Agents, you reach all their buyers. 


Realtor Referrals: We do this for a living. Every day we make it our business to know the market. When we pick up the phone to tell one of our Buyers that we've found their home we're usually right. When your Realtor is full time, fully trained and a top producer, chances are his or her recommendations will be right on the mark!. 


KIOSK At Trail Bay Mall

Remax Oceanview Realty is the only local office with space in Sechelt's busiest mall - Trail Bay Centre. Here we feature picture displays of our listings and other real estate information. This location is one of the highest foot traffic areas on the Sunshine Coast and is especially popular with out-of-town visitors.



The RE/MAX "For Sale" Sign

Still one of the best ways to reach buyers. The Remax Oceanview Realty "For Sale" sign tells buyers and their Realtors that you're serious abourt selling and that you're represented by some of the finest professional Agents in the world. .


Agent's Tour of New Listings

The Agent's Tour allows all Agents on the Sunshine Coast to personally view the new MLS listings. This provides excellent exposure to the sellers of real estate on the Sunshine Coast - Agents. Remax Oceanview Realty cooperates fully with other brokers and supports this Tour. 


Open Houses

Remax Oceanview Realty has had a lot of experience with Open Houses. In some situations they're effective, others, not so much. We are prepared to discuss and host Open Houses, mutual schedules allowing, if it appears this would help find a buyer.


Print Advertising

This kind of advertising rarely results in showings or sales. It is more often used by Agents to promote themselves than to find buyers for your property. National Assoiation of Realtor statistics show only 3% of buyers found their property through print-ads. That's why when you go into an Agent's office, you will find a computer on their desk - not a stack of newspapers! That's why print ads are only a small part of our Comprehensive Marketing Plan. 



You will hear from your Remax Oceanview Realty Agent on a regular basis as we implement the Marketing Plan for your property. We will provide updates on the latest listings, sales and market conditions so that you can make informed decisions regarding pricing and offers. This way, you can be in control of the whole process from start to finish. No surprises, predictable results. 

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